Online Code of Conduct:


We want people to feel safe when using Jeem. For that reason, we've developed a set of Community Standards, outlined below. These policies will help you understand what type of engagement  is allowed on Jeem, and what type of content may be removed.



Jeem was created to provide content in Arabic about various topics related to gender, sexuality and the society.

Posts written by users enrich the content of Jeem and its sites on Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts is important to us. They can provoke interesting and stimulating discussions. We believe in open dialogue and freedom of expression and want people to feel safe while using this website, so we created a code of conduct that will help you understand what type of content is allowed on our site and what type might be removed by us.

Since comments on certain social media platforms can spiral into hundreds of comments we try the best that we can to catch-up and moderate comments, it may take several hours after they are posted. This does not reflect our policies or opinions and we do not endorse any of the comments posted on our social media accounts.

If everyone keeps to these communication rules, it is possible to create an environment in which all users will enjoy joining in with the discussion.


We ask you to bear a few things in mind:

  1. Stay relevant to the discussion topic or the post on which you are commenting. Ensure that your discussion and comment input is respectful. If you disagree with another user’s post, criticise the post’s content rather than the author. Treat other readers and authors with respect. We prohibit behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another person’s voice.
  2. Insulting, discriminating against or defaming individual users or user groups because of their religion, origin, nationality, financial circumstances, sexuality, age or gender is not permitted.
  3. Ensure that anything you write or upload is free from violence and pornographic or discriminating content. We consider violence to be any form of gory content related to death, serious injury or physical violence.
  4. We remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. This includes the sexual exploitation of minors and sexual assault.
  5. Do not write or upload media that could hurt the feelings or insult the religious and political views of others.
  6. You must not publish personal and identifying data, intimate media or threaten to expose personal information relating to others.
  7. You must not impersonate individuals, groups or organizations.

Only use your own content:

You may not publish any media that is legally protected. Make sure that you are not infringing copyright when you upload media or content. Do not use photos, text, files or documents belonging to others without their agreement. If the media includes photos of people, this content must not be published without their agreement . (General Personal Rights)

It is OK to use links in your posts, for instance to show further information on a certain topic. Goethe-Institut e.V. is not responsible for linked content and does not check it. But we reserve the right to remove links if the linked content infringes the above rules. Commercial content and advertising are not permitted in the discussions.


If you do not follow the netiquette rules, we will have to intervene:

The Goethe-Institut may, in its own discretion, impose the following sanctions on users:

  1. deletion or modification of content uploaded by the User, including where, in the discretion of Goethe Institute, such might contain a violation of law or a violation of public morals,
  2. the issuance of warning or a formal warning,
  3. limitations on the use of the service,
  4. temporary or permanent block of access,

We also ban people from our social media who have shown a pattern of attacking other commenters or Jeem’s social media presences. We also ban users if they are using Jeem’s accounts to promote violent and hate speech.