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- The other day, I went to the gynecologist

- Are you married?

- No.

- I left my wife last week.

Do you know that I can refuse to examine you because you’re single?

Of course, you can’t possibly be sexually active...

... Because of all the hair on your body!

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- Hmmmm...

My nose is congested and I can’t smell a thing. Take a sniff. Does anything smell off to you?



Are you free for dinner?

- So I told him: No, I’m busy tonight! I have a hair appointment to dye and curl my armpit hair!


Courtesy of Lena Merhej. Panels produced for "Ça restera entre nous - Khalf al bab", Samandal & Alifbata, 2016


Lena Merhej

Lena Merhej is an award-winning artist and expert in visual narratives. She taught at different universities in Beirut and is a founding member of the comics collective, Samandal. She illustrated over 35 children's books, animated several films, and wrote and illustrated many comic books and graphic novels. Her work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

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