Warriors for Life


Greetings to all the nurses and doctors

Greetings to all the workers in the Consomed Factory

Greetings to all the mothers and domestic workers

Greetings to all the farmers and lovers of the land

Greetings to all the friends and sisters

Greetings to my Grandmother's wisdom and my Mother's recipes...




Submitted by Emba (not verified) on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 19:42

Solidaire avec vous

Submitted by Waad saied (not verified) on Sat, 04/18/2020 - 14:55

أظن أنه ان الأوان لنتعرف على جنسانيتنا اكثر

Submitted by Rehab Alghamdi (not verified) on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 16:46

تحية خاصة للنساء فقط❤️

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