Revolution in My 40s: The Not-So-Secret Habit

In Episode 2 of the comics series "Revolution in My 40s", Maya tries to move on with her life after the Beirut Port explosion. With the pandemic still raging, she spends most of her days at home, which still bears the scars of the explosion. Physical distancing is the norm. Will her ex-girlfriend Roula's visit to Lebanon break the dullness of her days?

Lena Merhej

Lena Merhej is an award-winning artist and expert in visual narratives. She taught at different universities in Beirut and is a founding member of the comics collective, Samandal. She illustrated over 35 children's books, animated several films, and wrote and illustrated many comic books and graphic novels. Her work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

Joelle Hatem

Joelle Hatem works in communication, content development, editing, and translation. She is interested in exploring impactful ways to produce and disseminate feminist knowledge.

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